"Pheromones" are natural chemicals related to the most primordial insticts that can influence behavior in nature and "Syndicate" is a group of individuals (humans) that help each other for a common justice or interest.
We combined two different worlds, natural and artificial so our music.. mixing the spontanety of rock with electronic sounds. A beautiful paradox which binds two different kind of music" 

With such a dissonant name which melt human society and nature, this Electro-Pop-Rock duo mixes different styles together getting their own unique sound and defining a new way to make electronic music.

The singer Giada Pancaccini, better known as GIADA ROBIN (international cosplayer) and the multi-instrumentalist Sandro Capone (ex member of heavy metal bands Bejelit and Temperance) met each other on a music video set. They decided to collaborate for a production of a song initially, but they quickly banded together as “The Pheromone Syndicate” releasing a first EP called “ALTERATIONS” and several singles via AUSR Digital.

They are the only two minds in this music project, all the songs are written, composed and produced by theirselves.


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